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References List and Further Reading: Discovery Workbook Series

Have you seen our three discovery workbooks? They're a set of downloadable PDFs to help cultivate a growth mindset. (You can also purchase paperback copies on Amazon.) If you're looking for a results-oriented approach to goal setting, self-discovery and roadmapping the path forward, they're a great option.

You'll probably want to complete them in order, because each workbook builds on the prior one and you'll be referencing information to create your big picture plans.

Below is a list of references used throughout the workbooks, organized by section. If you'd like to learn more about any of the concepts we worked through, these are great places to start. You're also welcome to reach out to us with questions via the contact form below.


Last Updated: January 14, 2024

Align: Unwrap Your Ambitions

Clear: Uncover Your Character

Traverse: Unveil Your Trek

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