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Consider this the “define what you want so you can really go get it” workbook. We all have goals, but how many of them have you documented, visualized and really understood why they’re important to you?


Maybe you haven’t had time to think about what’s really important for you to achieve — or maybe you’ve always been a go-getter, ready to outline your thoughts and create some achievable goals. Either way, these pages will help you lay everything out, determine what’s meaningful and why, setting the stage for clarity to get started.


    Instantly download (or buy the paperback on Amazon):

    • 01 / Align with what makes you happy (6 pgs)
    • 02 / Spin your wheel of life (6 pgs)
    • 03 / Build your big bucket list (4 pgs)
    • 04 / Get serious about your goals (18 pgs)
    • 05 / Visualize your best case scenario (6 pgs)
    • 06 / Maximize your motivation (4 pgs)


    This discovery workbook is the first in a series of three*: 


    *Yep, you'll probably want to complete them in order. Each workbook builds on the prior one, and you'll be referencing information to create your big picture plans.


    Citation list by section: alignclearcoaching.com/post/references.


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    Align: Unwrap Your Ambitions [Workbook 1 of 3]

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      • Upbeat, self-paced tools to help align your objectives with your happiness
      • Informative, research-backed approaches to setting achievable goals
      • Thoughtful activities, rooted in positive psychology, to outline your perspective
      • Prompts to help you uncover where you want to focus and why
      • Visual, creative ways to document the elements of attainable goals
      • Multiple lenses to understand what's meaningful and motivating to you
      • Systematic ways to create objectives aligned with what matters to you
      • Instant PDF download
      • Link is also emailed
      • Printable as 8.5x11"
      • 2.1 MB file size
      • 50 pages


    Rated 5 out of 5 stars.