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Discovery Workbooks

Discovery Workbooks

instant downloads to empower and inspire, stay positive, get motivated and uncover what’s next

Align Workbook Cover

Align: Unwrap Your Ambitions [Workbook 1 of 3]

Consider this the “define what you want so you can really go get it” workbook. We all have goals, but how many of them have you documented, visualized and really understood why they’re important to you?


Maybe you haven’t had time to think about what’s really important for you to achieve — or maybe you’ve always been a go-getter, ready to outline your thoughts and create some achievable goals. Either way, these pages will help you lay everything out, determine what’s meaningful and why, setting the stage for clarity to get started.

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Clear Workbook Cover

Clear: Uncover Your Character [Workbook 2 of 3]

Now that you’ve explored and outlined what you want, it's a great time to get some clarity on who you are — listing your core values, determining your character strengths and understanding the innate behaviors that can help (or hinder) your path to accomplishment.


Leveraging much of the work you completed in Align: Unwrap Your Ambitions, this workbook will help you explore what you contribute to the world in relation to what you want to achieve. This level of self-discovery can empower you to make more effective decisions and escape detrimental thought patterns.

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