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Take control of your wellness, on your terms.

Align+Clear offers coaching programs to improve wellness through an ancestral lifestyle that's grounded in positive psychology.

Our programs empower smart, optimistic and busy people with tools to become the healthiest version of themselves. By aligning work/life balance with eating, sleeping, movement and a growth mindset, we clear a path to feel in control and living in abundant longevity. The triangular symbology in the Align+Clear logo is a reminder of our purpose: joining your ambition (get aligned with what you want) with your character (get clear on who you are) to transform into the healthiest version of you (how to get there).


All about balance and harmony, the upward triangle △ is the alchemical symbol for fire, a rising energy with aspiration. Paired with its opposite, the inverted triangle ▽ symbolizes water, intuition and flowing with the current. 

We value what our clients need most, which often changes week-to-week (or even day-to-day). When you work with Align+Clear, we respect that you're the expert in your own mind / body / spirit. Our programs support your wellness journey on your terms, where your feedback and feelings are valid and valued. We’ll bring ideas, help you weigh the options, co-create systems to stay accountable. Together, we'll create lasting positive change.

Align+Clear Coaching was founded by Katie Pickarda certified Primal Health Coach since 2022. Starting her own journey to wellness when she became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) in 2014, Katie is also certified as a Brain Coach, Psychedelic Somatic Facilitator, Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coach and a specialist in the Human Intestinal Microbiome in Health and DiseaseFunctional Therapeutic Diets, Health Coaching in Medical Practices, Mindfulness for Wellbeing and many more.

Whether you're enrolled in a self-guided chat coaching program or 1:1 video sessions, you'll be working with a certified master coach who's grounded in positive psychology (among many other educational backgrounds and specialties). Below is a sampling of our professional certifications.

Primal Health Coach Certification
Functional Therapeutic Diets Specialist Certification
Health Coaching in Medical Practices Certification
Human Intestinal Microbiome in Health and Disease Specialist Certification
Primal Health Nutrition Expert
Art and Science of Coaching

Meet Your Coaches

We're growing. Interested in joining Align + Clear as a Health Coach? Drop us a line.

Wellness Coaching Is / Isn't:

What's the role of a health and wellness coach? Ultimately it's about educating and guiding clients through behavior changes that improve their lifestyle. Coaches aren't doctors or therapists, but they're equipped to be accountability partners in a way that supports sustainable evolution.

Work Desk
Our Role as a Wellness Coach:
  1. We help create accountability, listening to individual needs to build actionable goals

  2. We are excellent listeners, using coaching tools to help identify behavior and dietary patterns that are obstacles to wellness

  3. We understand what it takes to inspire behavior modification and change habits

  4. We ask thought-provoking questions to help clients gain clarity, create ownership and build solutions

What Wellness Coaches Can't Do:
  1. A health coach cannot diagnose medical or mental health conditions.

  2. A health coach cannot conduct a laboratory evaluation or assessment of lab results.

  3. A health coach is not a therapist and cannot provide emotional counseling.

  4. A health coach cannot prescribe diets or supplements to treat the symptoms of medical and clinical conditions.

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