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Real Results: What We've Heard from Our Clients

When you work with a health mindset coach, you'll have an accountability partner in your wellness journey. It's an opportunity to peel back the layers, understand what's standing in your way, overcome the challenges of everyday life and celebrate your ability to take control.

How do our ancestral health coaching and growth mindset coaching programs translate into real results and transformations?

Below are several direct quotes from sessions with our 1:1 clients. We'll keep adding to this list as it grows.

Last Updated: March 20, 2024

  • "I feel really prepared for my doctor's appointment on Monday. I know what to ask and how to get answers."

  • "I'm glad I can talk to you about what I eat, it's just not something I want to share with my friends."

  • "Your nutrition program was great, but I absolutely loved the mindset stuff."

  • "Finally, I don't feel like my problems are going to last forever. There's actually a light at the end of the tunnel."

  • "I always feel so much better after talking with you. I have a path forward, and it's things I can control."

  • "I feel more productive, have less guilt and am less bloated."

  • "Well, my grocery bill is A LOT cheaper. I feel like I can make good choices again."

  • "I struggled with nighttime snacking for the last five years and finally was able to stop."

  • "I'm more confident and less shameful about my body."

  • "Katie's nutrition and lifestyle philosophy is very sustainable."

  • "I've added affirmations to my morning routine and it's made a HUGE difference in how I feel."

  • "The initial weight loss happened fast, in days not weeks. I'm actually sleeping better."

  • "It was easier to get my husband on board because eating healthier made me less irritable."

  • "I'm too old to be yo-yo dieting. I want to be 95% compliant for the rest of my life."

  • "My mental health has improved."

  • "My husband said he's pooping better."

  • "I realized our dogs were eating healthier than we were."

  • "This program helped me set more boundaries."

  • "In 3 weeks, the transformation is happening."

  • "I lost about 6 pounds in 3 weeks, my clothes are baggier and I'm happy with that."

  • "I feel accomplished, like I'm on the right track."

  • "My fallback used to be fast food when I was under pressure, but I know how to make better decisions now."

  • "I've learned to put my 'do not disturb' on at work and go meditate for 15 minutes to regroup."

  • "After 3 weeks, I don't have as many aches and pains. I think it's due to the changes in my diet."

  • "Your coaching was great because it helped me talk through my own health issues and habits. I knew I could be doing things differently."

As always, our goal is to empower and support you to achieve your health and wellness goals. We'll help △ align and clear ▽ your mind and body to transform your well-being.

We're ready when you are.

Get started by booking a free 15-minute discussion:

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