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Now that you’ve explored and outlined what you want, it's a great time to get some clarity on who you are — listing your core values, determining your character strengths and understanding the innate behaviors that can help (or hinder) your path to accomplishment.


Leveraging much of the work you completed in Align: Unwrap Your Ambitions, this workbook will help you explore what you contribute to the world in relation to what you want to achieve. This level of self-discovery can empower you to make more effective decisions and escape detrimental thought patterns.


Instantly download (or buy the paperback on Amazon):

  • 07 / Get clear about what matters to you (8 pages)
  • 08 / Determine your character strengths (6 pages)
  • 09 / Take stock of your strengths (7 pages)
  • 10 / Identify your cycle of thoughts (8 pages)
  • 11 / Develop your mindfulness (8 pages)
  • 12 / Inspire your confidence (7 pages)


This discovery workbook is the second in a series of three: 


*Yep, you'll probably want to complete them in order. Each workbook builds on the prior one, and you'll be referencing information to create your big picture plans.

Citation list by section: alignclearcoaching.com/post/references.


You can also puchase a gift card for this item, and all of our discovery workbooks.

Clear: Uncover Your Character [Workbook 2 of 3]

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    • Upbeat, self-paced tools to help gain clarity about your values and key strengths
    • Informative, research-backed approaches to building awareness of your strengths, with ideas on how to benefit from them in multiple areas of your life
    • Thoughtful activities, rooted in positive psychology, to outline detrimental patterns and clear your thought process 
    • Prompts to help you identify triggers and reframe reactions
    • Visual, creative ways to develop a mindfulness practice that's mapped to your strengths
    • Multiple lenses to understand what resonates with you and identify highest areas of success
    • Systematic ways to connect behavioral, interpersonal, social and workplace values to key strengths and goal attainment
    • Instant PDF download
    • Link is also emailed
    • Printable as 8.5x11"
    • 3.3 MB file size
    • 50 pages


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
Based on 1 review
1 review
  • JulieNov 06, 2023
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
    You already have all the answers

    What's cool about Clear — you realize you don't need to look elsewhere to find the "answers" to your happiness. You already have them inside of you! I love these workbooks - they're more like self-audit books.

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