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We love recommending our favorite things to the Align+Clear community. When we discover new books, foods, supplements, courses, gadgets, discounts (or otherwise!) that support our coaching programs and might interest you, we'll add them to the list below.

We only mention items we believe in, have personally experienced and genuinely feel would be a benefit to you. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn from qualifying purchases; our Affiliate Disclaimer outlines additional details.

Downloadable Discovery Workbooks

Discovery Workbook Bundle
[All 3 Workbooks]

Ready to create lasting change? We're committed to helping you join your ambition (get aligned with what you want) with your character (get clear about who you are) to traverse across the path to the healthiest version of you (how to get there). These tools will empower you to take control.

Books to Inspire

Super Gut Book

Eye-opening research about how microbiomes throughout the body are connected to disease and how to replenish them

This was the first book added to Coach Katie's shelf (back in 2016) that helped her understand how food can drive optimal health

Written by one of our favorite influencers, this offers yet another data point that conventional wisdom about health isn't always correct

Consider this the master handbook of scratch cooking, combined with an education on old-world ingredients and food preparation techniques

​In our opinion, this is the best intro to keto / low-carb cooking, with easy-to-follow recipes, ingredient options, explanations and tips

If you've ever wondered why foods taste great (or not!) together, let this be your fascinating guide to what works and what to try next

Originally designed for business framework, the elements of human motivation (autonomy, mastery, purpose) are valuable to understand

An amazing collection of stories, forgotten healing modalities, perceptions and circumstances throughout the early / mid 1900's

Tons of great techniques, perspectives and anecdotes for those of us that are highly caring, sensitive and often introverted

Foods that Fuel

Get 10% off at Primal Kitchen via this link (or any of our favorite items below) and this discount code: KTP820. Check out their nutritional philosophy for an overview of ingredients and certifications that matter in the food we eat.

primal kitchen daily staples

Daily staples: the absolute best mayo, buffalo sauce, no-sugar ketchup, ranch dip / dressing, avocado oil

primal kitchen red tomato sauces

Can't go wrong with Italian dishes around these sauces, which have all the flavor without the sugar

primal kitchen spicy sauces

Spicy options give you a nice kick of extra flavor, with our favorite BBQ sauce = Mango Jalapeno

primal kitchen olive oil avocado oil and balsamic vinegar

New favorite cooking oil = Avocado. This one was voted best by MBG, and it's a must-have for a hot pan

primal kitchen mayo and mustard

So many mayo and mustard options and flavors: our favorites are  chipotle lime and dijon mustard

primal kitchen buffalo sauces

Without question, these are the most used condiments in the house, from buffalo chicken dip to marinades

Supplements as Support

Always get 15% off at Fullscript via the Align+Clear store, with free shipping over $50. As we noted in the intro statement at the top of this page, we have personal experience with the supplements below and are highlighting these because we genuinely believe others may benefit from using them.

Pendulum Metabolic Daily

Based on cutting-edge research on the gut microbiome, this includes live Akkermansia to help break down fiber, sugar, and carbohydrates

Amy Myers MD Probiotic 100 Billion

This includes nine probiotic strains that have been researched to improve anxiety and depression

Beyond Whey Natura Health

A powder blend to support lean muscle development, fat metabolism, optimal digestion and healthy immune system function

Restorative Formulations PCO Px

Holistic support to maintain female hormonal balance, like symptoms of PMS, PCOS, menopause and others 

Douglas Laboratories 40 Billion Multi-Probiotic

Contains several probiotic strains that have been researched to support gluten intolerance, plus a prebiotic to help maintain viability

Quicksilver Scientific Ultra Binder

Targets removal of toxins including heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, phthalates, BPA and more

Courses to Enlighten

These certifications probably look familiar, since they're the foundation for many of the health coaching programs at Align+Clear. If you're fascinated by optimal health, want to understand how it works and help others along the way, these courses will be invaluable. (If you're already a health coach, let us know if you'd like to work with us!)

PHC Course Logo

This flagship program is NBHWC-approved and accredited, including health education, coaching and business training

Human Intestinal Microbiome Course Logo

Become a gut health expert, with an in-depth review of the human intestinal microbiome and practical coaching tips

PHNE Course Logo

Learn the blueprint for optimal wellness, with a comprehensive education in the science of evolutionary health

Functional Therapeutic Diets Course Logo

Learn how specialty diets (keto, AIP, FODMAP, carnivore and other elimination diets) are used to promote symptom relief and health

Master Coach Logo

Prep for the NBHWC exam and improve coaching skills through interactive webinars, group projects, facilitated coaching

Health Coaching in Medical Practices Course Logo

Understand how health coaches can help established medical practices improve patient outcomes with better compliance and encouragement

Gadgets that Track

Although it's an older model, this is a great option for a first-time fitness tracker - small but mighty

We've tried multiple brands of fitness trackers and Fitbit tops the list for sleep data and weekly recaps

Although fitness isn't the first priority for Apple Watches, the iPhone integrations make up for it

Oura Ring

Simple, sleek and powerful - and yet it still tracks all the things

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