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The Healthiest Version of YOU

This post includes a full transcript of the video below, which also appears on our Program Details page.

Let’s talk about what the healthiest version of you looks like - it’s coded in how you eat, move, sleep and enjoy life. Everyone’s definition of healthy is different and the reasons why you want to change are really, really personal. That’s why one of our themes is understanding and improving your well-being on your terms. It’s a big reason why we offer both self-guided and 1:1 programs - or a hybrid of both.

So what’s a day in the life when you’re aligning for 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or even longer?

  1. you’re learning about ancestral health and positive psychology

  2. you’re completing a few daily activities that empower you to create new habits - consider these new tools you can take with you and make small changes over time

  3. you’re gaining perspective on how you want to build optimal health throughout your life

It’s all in the app - so you have a centralized place to learn and track progress.

Most people start with our self-guided program to Align for 3 Weeks. It’s 21 days of content, with access to the app for a full month, and you can set your own start date.

Three weeks is enough time to gain insight into your hunger patterns, understand how you can influence your metabolic biochemistry, and get stronger through movement.

You’ll be prioritizing better habits around sleep, uncovering your personal character strengths and ultimately getting the tools to feel more confident about how you can take control of your own wellness.

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