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Ancestral Health Coaching

Ancestral Health

align the critical elements of wellness: what you eat, when you sleep and how you move

"I’m ready to upgrade my health and evolve my habits into better choices."

Our ancestral health coaching programs offer a proven framework to improve your habits around eating, sleeping, moving and more. You'll clear the way to physical wellness, feeling in control and living in abundant longevity.

In just 3 weeks, our clients report an average of 29% improvement in how they eat, sleep and move.

​As master-certified primal health coaches, we're skilled in helping you:
  • Gain insight into your hunger patterns
  • Get stronger through essential movements
  • Prioritize better habits around sleep and recovery
  • Feel more confident about how you can take control
  • Understand how you can influence your gene expression

What You Eat

  • Whole (unprocessed), nutrient-dense food (most grains aren't nutrient-dense)

  • Veggies, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fats

  • Avoiding refined sugars, inflammatory oils, additives and ingredients

  • Fasting (only if/when appropriate)

When You Sleep

  • Respect your circadian rhythm and other natural cues to rest

  • Connect with nature (even if it means looking out the window)

  • Cultivate an ideal sleep environment

  • Create a strong morning routine

How You Move

  • Prioritize standing and moving over sitting and stillness

  • Functional body weight movements (no gym required)

  • Sprinting on occasion (every 7-10 days)

  • Exercise your brain for mental flexibility

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Wondering how you’ll be able to manage it all?
That's where your coach comes in.

Emily P. - Ohio

"I finally know what my food sensitivities are and I haven't had a migraine in two months."

Shelly D. - New York

"The initial weight loss happened fast, in days not weeks. I'm actually sleeping better."

Sheryl F. - Indiana

"After 3 weeks, I have no aches and pains in my joints and haven't missed a walk."

We'll inspire you to start small, navigating sustainable changes that fit into your lifestyle. 

Fun fact: in 2013, the most searched-for diet was paleo. 10+ years later, it's not exactly a new way of eating (not to mention tens of thousands of years prior to civilization). The benefits of a paleo-style, ancestral diet include:


  • Natural reduction in calorie intake (by eating whole foods), which can result in weight loss

  • High protein content for increased satiety and lean muscle mass preservation

  • Regulated blood sugar levels (by avoiding sugars and refined carbs)

  • Improved blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity