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What Does a Psychedelic Integration Coach Do?

Integration coaches work with people who have had a psychedelic experience. They help clients work through the insight gained from each session, helping them integrate new perspectives as they move forward. The perspective gained from a ketamine or psilocybin session is often life-changing and can enable significant positive change.

Your integration coach doesn’t need to be through your medical provider for ketamine or psilocybin. We would argue that integration coaches should be independent from your clinical provider: someone that’s not your therapist, psychiatrist or doctor. Coaching is non-clinical on purpose. The best coaches offer client-led, co-created solutions that are for the client’s highest good, without any interest in writing prescriptions or renewing customers. By partnering non-clinical coaching services with medically-led ketamine or psilocybin psychedelic therapy, you’ll have access to the best of both worlds.

Integration coaches understand that psychedelic experiences are often emotional, physical and spiritual. They understand the inherent mind-body-spirit connection and typically have an ongoing practice for self-healing. By the same token, they’ve done their homework on the benefits of psychedelics and can sharing evidence-based strategies for transformative healing.

At Align+Clear Coaching, our philosophy of “connected coaching” is grounded in the strength of mind-body-spirit. We believe the path to true health begins when all three are aligned (and clear!).

How can I choose the right integration coach?

Here’s our take on the top 10 qualities. We believe the best psychedelic integration coaches are:

  1. Authentic: compassionate, non-judgmental and unbiased

  2. Educated: they’re well-read on psychedelic therapy research

  3. Experienced: they have a personal relationship with psychedelic therapy

  4. Focused: listens 80%, talks 20% (giving you the space you need)

  5. Healing: committed to ongoing self-improvement (they’re doing the work, too!)

  6. Positive: they work to see the good in things and circumstances 

  7. Practiced: have successfully coached a variety of clients

  8. Realistic: they’ll help you set expectations in alignment with your goals

  9. Trained: they’re highly specialized and have multiple certifications

  10. Witnessing: they’ve seen the healing power of psychedelic-assisted therapy

Not sure how to find a coach with these qualities? They’ll quickly come through (or not) during a video chat. In our case, that translates to our FREE 20-minute consult. 👇 Book online with no obligation. Same- or next-day appointments are often available.

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