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Are we aligned with you?

We help a variety of professionals with their wellness goals, but things really click when we're on the same page. Below is a list of our typical client qualities. Of course, not everyone checks all of these boxes, but it gives you an idea of who we work with.

TIER 1: Start here

You're ready to transform for the long-term, on your terms.

You're career-driven and the work/life balance can feel tough.

You're upbeat, but easily discouraged and want to feel resilient.

You're health-conscious but you don't have the energy for another diet.

You're in a place where you can finally put yourself first. It's time.

TIER 2: Must-haves

You're smart, but you feel confused about how to feel better.

You're optimistic, but frustrated because nothing seems to work.

You're tired of working through the same cycle of negativity.

You're busy, but you're committed to making healthy changes.

TIER 3: Most common qualities

▢ Your job is demanding, and often results in bad health choices (not eating healthy, skipping workouts, losing sleep)

▢ You need help navigating how to eat, what’s truly healthy and what’s not

▢ You've experienced some level of food intolerance / sensitivity

▢ You're interested in cooking more at home, but could use some advice

▢ You've experimented with many diets with limited success

▢ You're prioritizing your health and longevity over quick weight loss (but it would be nice to lose a few pounds in the process!)

▢ You don't follow a plant-based diet

▢ You've had inconsistent or confusing experiences with traditional doctors

▢ You don't opt for prescription meds as your first (or only) option

▢ Your body feels like it's changing and you'd like to turn back the clock

▢ You're not crazy about the idea of going to a gym

▢ You're a hard worker and need a program that fits with your job / lifestyle

▢ You're self-directed but could use an accountability partner

▢ You're open to non-traditional ideas about physical / mental health topics

▢ You need a roadmap for lifestyle changes that will make you feel better

▢ You'd like to live for a long time, as the healthiest version of yourself

And that's the list! If the items above resonated with you, we'll probably be a great fit. You can check out our self-guided and 1:1 health coaching programs or book a 15-minute Q&A session to see if 1:1 health coaching is right for you.

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